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The Power of Health is a nonprofit public organization whose main goal is to change the perception of quality of life on the whole by the society.

Activities of this organization do not involve political considerations. One of the priority spheres which the Power of Health is concerned with is the furthering of international cooperation within the cultural development framework.

For that purpose, the Power of Health is implementing the International Master Class Program aimed at the development and assistance in professional training in sphere of vocal skills and musical arts.

  • The project provides for the organization of permanent master class program which engages worlds leading vocalists and musicians from various schools and of various styles; 

  • The activities will be aimed at the support of innovative projects in sphere of vocal and musical arts, and also at the popularization of classical music;

  • International musical partnership provides for possible cooperation in sphere of support of young talents, and also participation in and organization of contest and concert programs.

For all issues concerning cooperation and organization of master classes, please write to Elena Shestakova:

Mob: + 38 068 594 7998

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