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Corporate educational Program Cultural Enlightenment Program provides for a complex of individually adapted cultural and teaching programs in the following directions: vocal, musical education, oratorical skills and rhetoric, scenic speech and acting technique.

The program is intended for general audience with the purpose of expansion of the limits of world perception, breaking formed stereotypes of own possibilities, realization of creative potential that promotes increasing personal and professional efficiency of human being. As well as cultural enlightenment, which gives possibility to look anew at own actions and strives.

The lessons are carried out on individual basis and in groups. The uniqueness of the given Program consists in its corporate orientation (introduction of Program is provided within the limits of business structures). We provide socially responsible business circle with the possibility to look anew at values, on which is based strategic development of both separate business structures and the state in general.

We want oppose to developing pseudo-elitism all clear, bright that comes from the depths of kindness and simplicity, representing cultural ENLIGHTENMENT.

We offer to all persons interested in the Program to get in touch over the telephone in order to obtain more detailed information:

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