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Musical culture was given to human being on Earth in order to not forget his roots

One of priority directions of the Power of Health is assistance to cultural development of society as well as realization of international collaboration in the field of musical and vocal art.

We put in the conception of “culture” its primary sense, as translated from Latin “cultura” is cultivation, processing. It is very important for us to use the word “culture” in its genuine meaning – cultivation of spirit, soul and mind of a human being.

Of all values possessed by a human being the soul is undoubtedly more significant than others, since “what benefit gets a man, if he obtains the whole world and damages his soul, and what ransom will give a man for his soul…”

Music is called to elevate and clarify human soul. Music is able to subdue violent outbursts of soul. It is strongest means of communication out of all ever invented and is the most universal of all languages. Expressive strength and influence of true and good music may push a man to be changed for the better and wish beautiful, bright and sound life.

At that none of musical instruments of the world by its strength of emotional and artistic impact can become similar to the voice of real singer.

In order to promote development of musical culture “Power of Health” realizes International Program “International Master Class”, directed at support and development of professional education in the field of vocal skills and musical art.

We consider that education of feelings by means of education through culture, musical culture is able to change us, our society and the world for the better.

We want the life of each of us to become richer and brighter, the conduct more conscious and activity more efficient. We want that there would be more not only successful people but also people who realized themselves in our country.

For achievement of the given purpose the “Power of Health” plans to realize corporate educational Program “Cultural Enlightenment Program”.
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